Summer menu  2017 

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•Barbecued Pork Quesadilla; slow-cooked Idaho pork shoulder, magic sauce, cilantro, green onions, cheddar, chipotle sour cream. 10

•Jumbo Buffalo Wings; world famous Anchor Bar recipe, celery, homemade blue cheese sauce.(1.5 lbs) 15

 •Field Greens; organic greens, parched corn, tomatoes, berries,  feta, maple Dijon emulsion. 8

•Caprese Salad; ripe tomatoes, organic local basil, fresh mozzarella, balsamic vinegar and virgin oil. 10

Add grilled chicken breast to salad. 4

Best of Bread…

•The Houseburger; 9 oz. Idaho Angus, OR our own veggie burger. 10…Includes, cheddar, provolone  OR bleu cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. Sub aged cheddar for 1.
•Add  bacon 1.50 Onions & ‘shrooms OR fresh jalapeños. 1
•Avocado, house-made salsa and chipotlé sour cream. 2
•Add bacon, jalapeños and Amish blue cheese. 3
• Add aged cheddar, bacon and a fried egg. 4

•The Lamburger; Idaho lamb, bacon and aged cheddar, mint-garlic aioli. 13

 •The Po’boy; Never-frozen catfish fried in cornmeal, dills, mayo and purple ‘slaw. 13

 •The Carolina; slow-cooked  pork, magic bbq sauce, cheddar. 11 Dressed. 12

 •The Greek; choice of Gyros OR Chicken,  feta, cucumbers, homemade tzatziki. 9

 •The Chicken Philly;  chicken breast, mushrooms, peppers and onions, provolone or Whiz. 12

  •The Grand Poohbah; wiener schnitzel of chicken, Amish  blue cheese, house blue cheese dressing, Anchor Bar Buffalo sauce. 14

 Supper…(after 5pm)

(Not all dinners are available for takeout)

 •Vegetarian Pierogi; homemade pasta stuffed with imported cheeses, roasted sweet peppers, and caramelized onions on wilted spinach. 18

 •Southern Fried Catfish Filet; never-frozen fish with spicy cornmeal crust, purple slaw, cinnamon sweet potato fries & tartar sauce. 18

 •Blackened Catfish; fresh fish pan-fried in Cajun spices on rice and beans with Creole sauce and garlic wilted spinach. 20

 •Soft Tacos; Fresh fish with Creole sauce OR slow-cooked Idaho pork carnitas, rice and beans, Pico de Gallo and chipotlé sour cream. Pork. 16 Fish. 18

 •Veal Napoleon; hand-breaded veal layered stacked with organic basil, ripe tomatoes and uncured prosciutto, served with pesto angel hair. 23 (Not available for take out)

 Chipotle Chicken Weiner Schnitzel;  all-natural, hand-breaded chicken breast and spicy chipotle cream with Caribbean rice and beans. 18


•Add salad to any sandwich or dinner.4

•Hand-cut Fries. 2.00/5.00

•Sweet Potato Fries. 3.50/7.00

•Mac & Cheese. 3/7

•Vegetable. 4/6

Soft Drinks   

•Fresh-brewed Iced Tea. 3

•Mexican Coke, Mexican Sprite. 3

•Local Root Beer.4

We serve wine and beer.

BREAKFAST  ( Sat & Sun)
Here’s to a new day…

Egg dishes come with hash browns.

•French Omelets; 3 eggs, pan fried, light and fluffy.
Cheese; Cheddar, Swiss or Provolone. 9
El Sombrero; Sweet peppers, jalapeño, chorizo, cheddar, tomato, chipotle sour cream & Pico de Gallo. 11
Farmhouse; Extra bacon and aged cheddar. 12
Florentine; Spinach & Provolone...10
Denver; Peppers, onions, ‘shrooms, cheddar & ham...10
Pig Three Ways; Ham, local sausage, bacon & cheddar...10
The Classic; Mushroom & Swiss...10

•Pancakes or French Toast; served with 100% pure Vermont maple syrup and local sausage patties or bacon. Pancakes.9 French Toast. 12  Add fresh berries. 2

 •El Teton; local chorizo, sweet peppers, jalapeños, sweet onions, and cheddar topped with scrambled eggs, Pico de Gallo and chipotle sour cream. 11

 •El Burrito Grande; Stuffed with eggs, veggies, cheddar, hash browns and your choice of spinach, ham, local sausage or bacon. 10 Substitute local chorizo & jalapeños. 11

 •McLovin!!; fried eggs, Canadian bacon, cheddar and hash browns stacked on a Thomas’ English muffin. 9

 The 2X2; two eggs your way, local bacon or sausage. 9

•Huevos Rojo; homemade chili Colorado, cheddar hash browns, fried eggs and chipotle sour cream. 10

•Mimosa. 6 Refills. 3

•Orange Juice. 3

•Coffee or tea. 2.50

•Mexican Coke. 3

•Local Root Beer. 4